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Standard Proof Whiskey Co.’s Spiced Cinnamon Named World’s Best Flavored Whiskey 2022

Newest Addition to Product Line also awarded Double Gold medals for flavor excellence

July 1, 2022 Nashville, TN

The 2022 winners of the annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)

were announced at an awards gala in San Francisco on June 24th. Standard Proof

Whiskey’s just released Spiced Cinnamon Rye Whiskey won top honors for Best

Flavored Whiskey of the year and was awarded Double Gold Medal winner, beating out

entries from notable major brands Southern Comfort, Screwball Whiskey, Crown Royal

and others.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition’s annual global event is the oldest and

largest spirits competition in the world, and had a record of more than 5000 entries in

2022. Winners were selected following tastings by a panel of judges who are among the

world’s most prominent spirits connoisseurs. The SFWSC is considered the "Oscars" of

the spirits industry and its awards are extremely meaningful measures of a product’s

flavor profile and quality. The awards are a benchmark used by spirit distributors and

retailers alike in selecting the very best products to offer their customers.

“When I learned that Spiced Cinnamon Rye was a finalist in the flavored whiskey

category among many of our industry peers, I was extremely honored. And now, to be

named The Flavored Whiskey of the Year, I am totally blown away!” said Bob Angus,

CEO of Four Blue Palms LLC. “My hearty congratulations and thanks to our

development team for creating yet another great expression to join our family of truly

unique whiskeys! In launching this expression, we took no shortcuts to achieve the

ideal flavor profile, using only the highest quality whiskey and natural ingredients, a

formula that has made our Standard Proof Whiskey brand one of the top growth brands

on the market today”.

Spiced Cinnamon Rye uses a proprietary formula of straight rye whiskey aged 2 years+

and real Ceylon Cinnamon, bottled at 80 proof. The result is a perfect blend of spice

and cinnamon notes that can be enjoyed sipped or as the base of traditional or modern

whiskey cocktails.

“Consumer appetite for new and unique whiskey flavors continues to expand, making

flavored whiskey one of the fastest growing of all spirit categories. As a result,

distributors and retailers alike are seeing strong demand for products that offer the right

flavor profile and taste quality. In winning this award, we have unquestionably achieved

the highest pedigree for this flavor, and delivered what should be a very exciting and

profitable product for our customers,” said David Masters, VP of Sales of Four Blue

Palms LLC”

Standard Proof Whiskey Co.’s Spiced Cinnamon is currently available for purchase

online at and will be launching in select retailers in September 2022.

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