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Four Blue Palms LLC. Announces The Launch Of Standard Proof Whiskey Co.

Four Blue Palms LLC of Nashville, TN, a creator of craft spirits and mixer brands, today announced the launch of Standard Proof Whiskey Co. (“Standard Proof”) and its full lineup of Craft Infused Rye Whiskeys. “What started as house made infusions by innovative bartenders has led to Standard Proof Whiskey Co.” said Bob Angus, CEO of Four Blue Palms LLC. “By serving “on trend” consumer tastes for innovative whiskey and cocktail experiences, Standard Proof is creating an entirely new category of whiskey – Craft Infused Whiskey – and the response from our distribution and retail partners, and most importantly the end consumer, points to ongoing strong growth opportunities for the category”.

“Born Behind The Bar” in Nashville, TN, Standard Proof launched its first infused rye whiskey Red Eye RyeTMin late 2017. Now with six infused rye whiskey expressions, Standard Proof is leading a rapidly emerging market for Craft Infused Whiskey, a market predicted to grow rapidly over the next several years.

The full Standard Proof lineup is available now in Tennessee and in Texas through industry leading spirit distributors and major retailers, with expansion to additional markets expected in the upcoming months.

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